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Traveling through the excavations of Pompei

The Naples hotel located in the heart of the city offers 3 nights a unique of its kind :
- Upgrade to a comfort room with breakfast service included
- Welcome gift
- Supplied courtesy of VIP

Appointment Tuesday, December 24th at the Hotel after breakfast
Transfer to Pompeii to visit one of the most fascinating places in Naples, thanks to the story of a professional guide .
In Roman times Pompeii was a rich city and densely populated , full of public and private buildings .

One summer day in 79 A.D. Pompeii and all of the approximately 20,000 inhabitants were burned under tons of ash and pumice as a result of a violent explosion of Mount Vesuvius.
A shower of lava was deposited everywhere covering the soil for more than 6 meters , wrapping around and taking hold even the bodies and clothes of those who were running away.

After about 2000 years, you have the opportunity to discover the daily life of the Imperial Age and imagine the fear of the population before the city was destroyed.
With a 4-hour tour , the guide will show you the most beautiful places of the city such as the Forum , the Thermal Baths , the House of the Vetti with its beautiful frescoes and the brothel . Return to Naples at the hotel at 13.30 .

A visit not to be missed by anyone visiting this region of Italy !
Total costs including 3 nights in bed and breakfastt inputs for the tour € 265.00 per pax
Supplements and reductions :
Reduction 3rd bed -20%
Children 0-3 years free
Children 4-10 years -50%
DUS room supplement : 25 €

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